Stress is an epidemic of 21st-century living.  Approximately 75-80% of visits to primary care physicians are stress-related.  American workers report their jobs are a very significant source of stress. The stress epidemic has led to an increase in heart disease, insomnia, obesity, hypertension, depression and even a decrease in life expectancy.


Constant stress is stealing your joy,

your relationships personally and professionally,

it is wearing on your body, mind, and soul,

and keeps you from performing at your highest potential.


How much is stress costing you? The answer is far more than a dollar sign!

What to do to fix it?

Attend the free webinar and you will:


  • Understand what stress “looks” like.
  • Identify the difference between acute vs chronic stress
  • Learn the 5 signs that stress is impacting your health.
  • Recognize the mental, emotional, and physical manifestations of stress.
  • Define epigenetics and how it influences your well-being.
  • Learn how to increase your resilience.