The PeopleMap Questionnaire Program identifies strengths and how to turn our “Achilles heel” into learned strengths, revolutionizing professional and personal relationships. PeopleMap programs offer training on communication styles, leadership team building, and peak performance. 

People types are leader, people, task and free spirit.  

Successful people know 3 things:

  • Their strengths and lean into them.  
  • Their Achilles heel and are actively developing it.
  • Their specific areas for growth and development to maximize their potential.

My perspective that all things in life are about relationships made using the PeopleMap a natural tool to help people learn about their personality, successfully relate to those they live and work with, and to maximize personal and professional goals.

PeopleMap is for people who are in relationships.  That is you and me. I offer PeopleMap to individuals, couples, groups and teams.

Ready to see what the PeopleMap program can do for your you?

“Tracy’s individual whole person approach challenged me as a business owner to include my personal goals, with my professional goals, to promote growth and sustainability.

Using the PeopleMap to clearly identify my strengths, and the strengths of my staff. Tracy offered insight into personal and professional development, staff development, optimal scheduling, and task delegation that benefited clientele, staff and myself. These insights created an optimal work life balance for myself achieving personal goals, offering staff development and opportunity, and ultimately business growth.

If you are ready to learn and grow, and you are seeking a sustainable plan, you are ready to begin working with Tracy. She is passionate and compassionate, setting you in motion with an action plan and the accountability to move you forward.”

- BJ G.