Aroma Freedom™ is a step by step process that allows the mind to gently release negative emotions and mindsets, shift towards a more positive outlook and perspective, clearing the path to reach your goals & dreams.  These changes are immediate and lasting, freeing you to move and create the life you were created to live.

Experience immediate results through the power of smell.

Who is Aroma Freedom for?

Adults, athletes, business owners, children, exam takers, families, leaders, teams, and teens.

BEFORE Aroma freedom:

Fear & self- doubt, negative self- talk, cravings, negative emotional patterns, limiting beliefs, doubt and procrastination.

AFTER Aroma freedom:

Increased productivity, increased clarity, increased intuition, realized goals & dreams, and weight loss.

Aroma Freedom is affective, gentle, immediate, and long lasting!

Individual/private sessions in person and via Zoom are available.

Learn more about how to become a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner, online or in person.



“I experienced Aroma Freedom with Tracy at a time when my feelings and emotions were so strong that I was not sure I could do the process and experience the release I desired, but I was open to the process. During the session, I was finally able to release the difficult memories, that had tormented me daily and caused my chest to tighten and my body to freeze, and complete the grieving process. I felt the ache in my chest rise up and leave my body as I inhaled the oils and let the tears and memories flow. I found freedom from fear and found peace. I felt empowered to let it go and move on, although the memories are still there, the darkness and pain were released. I appreciated the pace and the patience that I experienced as Tracy guided me through the session. I felt safe, comfortable and supported to effectively implement the process with the perfect amount of guidance. I loved that I wasn’t rushed and the session naturally came to an end. I have since been able to move forward and make progress with my health goals.

I would highly recommend Aroma Freedom to friends and family, in fact, I already have. I will be forever grateful for the experience and will tell everyone who will listen.The benefits are tenfold, from releasing paralyzing memories of difficult life experiences to creating action steps. Suddenly accomplishing goals, something that had been so hard become easy to do, with the emotional freedom we can conquer anything!”