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Professional coaching: Discover How to Leverage Your Strengths and Live your Life In Your Highest Potential 

Meet Tracy

Discover your passion, purpose & possibilities.

Tracy is more than a well-credentialed coach. After nearly 15 years in the clinical health world she followed her passion– seeing others cultivate their strengths, and to live in their highest potential, personally and professionally.

She possesses the rare and unique personality type of people leader (both hard and soft skills) and leverages these skills to partner with leaders who are experts in their desired fields, and who seek growth in leading and serving.

Tracy is known for her creativity and authenticity– inspiring others to discover the “heart of the matter” that empowers them to be at the helm of their lives. 

Her experience and expertise in the clinical world, leadership positions, along with her personal experiences, bring insight and compassion to her transformational coaching approach, training, and consulting.

When she is not coaching and consulting, she can be found connecting with family, friends, and loved ones. DIY’ing, like a boss, upcycling or recylcing all things old, and learning new ways that are eco-friendly, plant based, and toxic-free.


take your life to Your highest potential

personally & professionally

Whole-Person Coaching

Discover life when your heart, mind, body, and spirit are connecting and flowing in alignment with who you are created to be.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Values-based leadership drives culture, employee satisfaction, and stakeholder value, ensuring the success of the business/organization.

Workshops & Trainings

Cultivate an organization with employees that are self-aware, resilient, and inspired.

what clients are saying

about Tracy


Business Owner

"Tracy’s individual whole person approach challenged me as a business owner to include my personal goals, with my professional goals, to promote growth and sustainability. These insights and skills created an integrated work life place to achieve personal goals, offer staff development and opportunity, and optimal business growth."

"Tracy is present, non-judgemental, and compassionate. Coaching offered me the opportunity to discover new tools and to access resources I already had, that were free. These new skills, awareness, and self-compassion has freed me, to “show up my best!”


"I will be forever grateful for the experience and will tell everyone who will listen. The benefits are tenfold... accomplishing goals, something that had been so hard for me, became easy to do!"


“PeopleMap outlines so clearly our strengths and gives common language to understanding what I need both personally and professionally. As a people type and business owner I have the confidence to move forward in my strengths and delegate to the strengths of my employees. It has changed the culture of our team and work.”


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